We are currently offering a selection of dry wines by the glass, bottle, or flight. Sweet wines have yet to be released but coming later this year.
  • Blanc de Blancs, 2020
  • Luxuriate Sauv Blanc, 2022
  • Grenache Rose, 2022
  • Merlot, 2017
  • Shiraz, 2022

Blancs de Blancs, Sparkling Chardonnay, Brut, 2020

Our Blanc de Blancs is made from 100% Chardonnay. It is made using traditional French Champagne methods. It is brut in style and offers notes of citrus, apple, melon, and a hint of sweetness. Perfect for every occasion. This has quickly become a favorite with our Sparkling crowd!


Luxuriate, Sauvignon Blanc, 2022

This Sauvignon blanc is California in style with mild acidity, crisp citrus and tropical fruit notes, and a smooth zesty finish. Pairs well with cheese, seafood, light pastas, and white meats.


Grenache Rosé, 2022

French in style (Provence), this rosé is light-bodied with red-berry and floral notes. It offers a round mouth feel and lingering finish. Perfect with cheeses, pork, and turkey. A truly lovely dry rosé.


Shiraz, 2022

This young cool climate Shiraz is light to medium-bodied with notes of dark berries and vibrant spice on the nose. Unlike its more common warm climate Australian counterpart, this North Carolina Shiraz offers subtile white pepper, is fruit-forward, and is less tannic. Truly unique! Pairs well with red meat, red Italian sauces, and more flavorful dishes.


Merlot, 2017

This barrel-aged Merlot spent 2 years in new French oak barrels and over 4 years in neutral aging vats before being released. It offers dark berries, vanilla and oak on the nose with a rich, complex mouthfeel. It is full-bodied, tannic, and has a deep smooth finish. Pairs well with red meat, BBQ, and rich sauces.